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"GEO-ŻUK" is doing following works:

  • surveying service of construction projects,

  • matching projects documentation (ZUD),

  • staking out and inventory of construction objects and all kind of utilities, both covered and

  • surveying inventory of buildings elevations,

  • rooms inventory (ceiling and floors levelling),

  • field profiles levelling,

  • revisions maps for project,

  • digital plans: new measurement and using archived materials,

  • topo & details maps for project,

  • maps compiled by computer,

  • field and map comparison for updating,

  • staking out boundaries from archived materials,

  • delimitations and subdivisions,

  • making documentation for legal purposes.

Furthermore "Geo-Żuk" company designs an outside infrastructure for constructions.
Also designs road system, gas, water, sewage, telecommunications and electric network.
Gives a lot of technical advice in project matters.

Our company is using modern equipment of very well known producers in the world.
Professional total stations, laser and technical levels, optical plumbets. Fast and dependable plotters and printers.

All our works are done fast, good and on time.

"Geo-Żuk" was founded in 1993.
We have young but very experienced staff

We are insured in Warta S.A.

We are cooperating with companies like e.g.:

Dombud, Dom Development, Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Drogowych S.A., Gleeds Poland,
GTC Konstancja, Bouygues Polska S.A., AIG/Lincoln Polska,  Pol Nordic Group, Sicma Polska,
Key Construction, Intco ltd., Inter Commers sp. z o.o., Skańska S.A.


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